Sudoku Puzzles Books

Sudoku fans may wonder why the quick-thinking numbers game isn’t taught and promoted as much to kids in schools. After all, the benefits for the developing mind are many! Wouldn’t you want your child to benefit from all the pros of learning Sudoku?

sudoku book sudoku book

These are 15 reasons your kids should play Sudoku:

Significantly improves memory (kids aged 7 to 11),
Improves abstract reasoning,
Improves data memorizing ability,
Teaches patience & focus,
Promotes logical thinking,
Teaches decision-making skills,
Reduces kids screen time,
Teaches attention to detail,
Makes learning fun,
Occupies and entertains simultaneously,
Creates a healthy competition,
Arguably, boost IQ levels,
Teaches rational thinking & problem-solving,
Provides an opportunity for family quality time.

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