JET Junior officer success story by Shivani Sharma

Hello everyone !!!!

“Running a startup is like eating glass. You just start to like the taste of your own blood.”
I am Shivani Sharma , I share my JET  journey I belong to a family where  my father as JET Junior Officer ,  my brother is JET Specialist Officer, my sister is JET Clark &  My mother is  in a government job. so from starting I have my personally interest to get into the JET and get A job.

JET exams & the pattern has changed drastically  in last few years. After completed graduation in 2015,  I didn’t got  any job  to follow my dream which was to get a job Into JET IT  officer .

number of times  I cleared JET Online exam ,But i always  failed in interview by only two and three marks.

There are several at most think which all the aspirants should keep in mind while preparing:
(A).Do practice  daily.

Attempt as many mock test as much you can  and Delhi boys upload on many apps section wise. just not give but also analyse and improve.

(B).More patience

Patience is the key .if you are after one thing It has to be your one day. do not give up on your dreams.

(C). Always believe in yourself.

If you believe in yourself so you definitely success any exams. if you don’t believe in yourself  every exams you failed .

Finally on 15 December 2018 I cleared JET Junior Officer Exam. I want to say friends  never give up in your life because if you give up you can not achieve anything.

“if you do hard work, otherwise  no pain no gain”